We take pride in the members of our college. We introduce you to the BCREC-APC committees

According to Section 4 of the Sexual harassment of women in working place (Prevention, prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013), we have formed a committee that is looked after by the following members:

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Dr. Sujata Banerjee, Asst. Prof (BBA) Member
2. Prof. Rita Ganguly, Asst. Prof (BCA) Member
3. Dr. Sayantani Ghosh Banerjee, Asst. Prof. (BBA) Convener
4. Prof. Debika Layek, Asst. Prof. (BBA (HM))  Member
5. Ms. Sarani Das, Executive Assistant Member

Establishment of Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary BCREC-APC Committee:

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Dr. Arunava Mookherjee, Principal Chairman   
2. Dr. Priyabrata Bandyopadhyay, Asst. Prof., BBA. Member
3. Prof. Nirupom Roy , Asst. Prof, BBA Member
4. Prof. Uttam De , Asst. Prof., BBA Member
5. Dr. Sujata Banerjee , Asst. Prof. BCA  Member
6. Prof. Pradipta Pal, Asst. Registrar & Asst. Prof. BCA  Member
7. Ms. Ruma Mitra , Registrar, BCREC Convener 
8. Commodore (Retd.) Ratnakar Ghosh, Campus Administrator  Invitee Member
9. Mr. Shouvick Chandra, Sr. Manager (PR),  Invitee Member 

Anti- Ragging BCREC-APC Committee:

Sl. No Name  Designation 
1 Dr. Pijush Pal Roy, Director, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Advisor
2 Dr. Arunava Mookherjee, Principal, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses Chairman
3 Mrs. Ruma Mitra, Registrar Member
3 Prof. Dr. C. K. Ghosh Member
4 Commodore (Retd) Ratnakar Ghosh, Campus Administrator Member
5 Prof. Saindhab Chattaraj, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Member
6 Prof. Rajdeep Roy, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Member
7 Prof. Dr. Babul Prasad Tiwari, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Member
8 Mr. Shouvick Chandra, Sr. Manager (PR) Member
9 Prof. Uttam De, Member Secretary Member
9 Prof. Pradipta Pal Convener
10 Prof. Sayanti Samanta Member
10 Prof. Dr. Sandip Paul Joint Convener
11 Prof. Abhijit Aditya Member
12 Prof. Purnendu Ruj Joint Convener
13 Prof. Sushma Kumari Jha Member
14 Prof. Sushma Kumari Jha Member
15 Prof. Dr. Sayantani Ghosh Banerjee Member
16 Prof. Biswajit Sen Member
17 Prof. Debika Layek Member
18 Prof. Dr. Ratnakirti Roy Member
19 Prof. Subhasish Debroy Member
20 Prof. Arjita Banerjee Member
21 Prof. Alpha Bhowmick Member
22 Mr. Manas Kumar Khan Member
23 Prof. Chirashree Chakraborty Member
24 Ms. Rituparna Das Member
25 Prof. Rita Ganguly Member
26 Ms. Riya Aditya Member
27 Prof. Dr. Sujata Banerjee Member
28 Ms. Sarani Das Member
  • Hostel Superintendent(s) of Concerned Boys' Hostel(s) - Member 
  • Hostel Superintendent(s) of Concerned Girls' Hostel(s) - Member 
  • Representative from SDM Office - Member Representative from Asansol - Durgapur Police Commissionerate & Local P.S. – Member
  • Guardian's Representative - Member

Anti-Ragging Roving Squad:

Sl. No Name  Designation 
1 Prof. Soumya Pal Joint Convener 
2 Prof. Dr. Priyabrata Bandyopadhyay Joint Convener 
3 Prof. Krishnendu Chakraborty Member 
4 Prof. Tanmoy Halder Member 
5 Prof. Dr. Amartya Neogi Member 
6 Mr. Kalyan Joardar Member 
7 Prof. Nirupom Roy Member 
8 Mr. Ajitesh Nayak Member