Short Term Courses

The BCREC-APC short-term courses serve as a staircase that permits students to step-up in their career trail.

hrough these short-term courses, we propose to help our students to crack interviews conveniently and secure lucrative employment through our placement drive. 

The BCREC-APC short-term courses mainly comprise of three major events that are named as 
  • Skill Enhancement Programme
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Industrial Visits


Skill Enhancement Programme

Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses or BCREC-APC conducts a training programme that is mandatory to all students of our college and is named as the Skill Enhancement Programme (SEP). 

Such initiatives improve the employability of students while enhancing their communication skills. This programme under the BCREC-APC short-term course intends to offer training on – 

  • Soft skills
  • Technical skills
  • Interpersonal skills

The sole aim of SEP is to prepare the students for the industry and make them employable-worthy. We offer our Skill Enhancement Programme throughout the year in the form of an extensive teaching procedure. We deliver our teachings to our students with the help of adept in-house experts and professionals. 

Mock Interview Sessions

Our mock interview sessions, under the BCREC-APC short-term courses, forms one of the key elements of the pre-placement activities. Quality placement being the prime objective of the college, our mock interview sessions have been on a continuous practice to prepare students to appear and crack the interviews of the companies at one go without the fear of failure. 

Industrial Visits

Our industrial visits offer significant and sound knowledge of the theoretical principles of the concerned subject. Our objective is to provide exposure to the industrial process and environment towards students offering a holistic view of the entire system.