Security & CCTV Surveillance

The safety of our students is of prime importance. Our campus is monitored under 24X7 CCTV surveillance to keep a track of the activities of our students and also to get aware of any unnatural occurrences.

Our hostels are also equipped with CCTV cameras to confirm the safety of the students. the monitoring becomes highly intense on special days of occasions and events. Besides, the wardens and matrons also account for the security and well-being of our students.

Besides, all other corners of the college including laboratories, auditoriums, seminar halls, library and more, are vigorously monitored to ensure campus security. 

The recordings of the CCTV are in the hands of the most trusted authorities of the college to make sure no hindering is done. Additionally, the live recordings of the camera are under the constant watch of the guards of our college to spot any unnatural activities and address them then and there.

We keep the entry of unauthorised individuals at bay and this is kept in an account by the campus security guards. Parents can be assured about the security of their wards and feel at peace while their children are inside our premises.

Strict actions are taken against individuals causing unnecessary panic or trying to break the campus security. We prevent the entrance of individuals without prior appointment.