Preplacement Activities

We acknowledge that securing proper employment is a tough nut to crack and hence understand the value of quality placement. Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses guarantees 100% placement assistance to help students reach their career goals and aspirations. 

To groom the students and help them crack the interviews, we organise special BCREC-APC pre-placement activities like interactive sessions and mock interviews to assist our students attaining self-confidence and self-belief. 

BCREC-APC pre-placement activities include - 

  • Mock interviews 
  • Grooming sessions 
  • Intense practical and theoretical revisions
  • Examinations 

We have witnessed many students losing lucrative opportunities just due to nervousness. The BCREC-APC pre-placement activities help our students battle such obstacles and overcome difficult situations while securing successful employment. 

We also so help our students with tips and tricks to secure their employment conveniently. We are dedicated to guiding the students towards success and we stand strong to our 100% placement assistance guarantee. 

Our liaison with the leading national and multinational companies helps our students enjoy respectable positions that would take their career to newer heights.