Book Bank

Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses started with the idea of an Book Bank to provide books for every semester to all students. The students can borrow books for the entire semester from the Book Bank. The books are issued for a specific period of time that is announced at the time of registering. Also, there is a marginal restriction in the number of books that can be issued at a time. 

The students are hereby requested to fill-up the form specified for the Book Bank at the beginning of the academic year and submit it to the librarian, similar to the way one has to register for the digital library

There is a certain late fine that students have to pay if he/she fails to return the book within the stipulated time. It is requested to handle the books and other reading materials very carefully. You are prohibited from – 

  • Marking the library books with pencil or ink 
  • Spoiling or tearing pages from the book 

Such actions will be viewed seriously and strict actions will be taken against. We expect you to return the books in the state you issued them.