Cafeteria / Canteen

Food being one of the necessities for living, we concentrate on the quality of the meals we provide. Our college has two food stations (cafeteria and canteen) serving quality meals to the ones hungry. 

We maintain proper cleanliness, hygiene and quality of the meals and snacks we serve. The cleanliness of the kitchen and the hygiene of the cook and other staff of the kitchen are also looked after.

Our college canteen can be accessed by all our students (even the ones residing at our hostels) and also the guardians staying at the college guest house, to address the most necessary meals of the day along with in-between class snacks.

It is hereby requested to keep the place clean and ready for the next one. Kindly dispose of the plates and glasses or keep them at the respective place where used plates and glasses are supposed to be.

Kindly leave the place as you want it to be when you arrive. Do not cause any harm to the canteen property or create a nuisance. Maintain proper discipline and cleanliness so that the place does not become uncomfortable for your fellow mates.

Any damage to the college property will be looked upon as disciplinary misconduct and strict actions will be taken against the student or group involved.