Medical Facilities


We acknowledge the need for medical attention. Our college has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mission Hospital, Durgapur and hence has an in-campus medical unit where the services of experienced and qualified doctors are available for the students to avail.

The medical facilities are open to the students at all hours to help them address emergencies as well. Furthermore, our faculty and staff can also seek our healthcare facility as and when required.

The medical unit is well-equipped with all the possible medical devices, primary medicines and 24X7 power backup facilities that may be vital to address minor health issues and medical emergencies.

In the case of major health issues, we inform the parents immediately who takes the final decision on the next steps to be taken. Moreover, every medical procedure is carried forward under their approval. 

We request our students to not avoid or take any health issue for granted at the initial stages to eliminate the chances of major complications.

Report to the authorities if you are unwell so that we can take the precautionary steps.