Extra Curricular Activites

Our Extra Curricular Activities are most loved by all our students. It not only allows them to take a break from the humdrum schedule but also, helps them refresh their mind. We support the excitement and the enthusiasm of students while hosting extra-curricular events.

Our college extra activities include participating in - 

1. Students Club

Apart from the departmental clubs (IT club, Management club and more) we also encourage participation in other clubs such as quiz club, Karate club, Photography Club and so on.

2. Cultural Club

We are true to our culture and traditions and hence support the interest of our students in cultural clubs such as drama club, music club, dance club and so on. We also encourage our students to step ahead and organise events to celebrate festivals such as Vishwakarma Puja, Saraswati Puja and more.

3. Sports

Our college extra activities promote our sports activities to help students maintain health and fitness. We offer both indoor and outdoor games. Our indoor games include chess, table tennis, carom and more. We have a well-maintained playground for games like basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, cricket, athletics, karate and taekwondo.

4. The National Cadet Corps ( NCC )

The National Cadet Corps or NCC is a wing of the Armed Forces that concentrate on the youth. It is open to every school and college student on a voluntary basis. It is aimed at grooming the youth of our country and helping them lead their life as a disciplined and patriotic citizen. 

Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses not only believes in grooming the students for a better future but also in making them better citizens. We put all our efforts into contributing to the development of the Nation, the society and the environment. The college is registered under “14 Bengal Battalion” at the Asansol headquarter. 

Through the NCC programs, we have acknowledged our right to lead a dignified life, to get proper education, to follow any religion, to speak our mind and put our views. 

We motivate our students to take part in the NCC program as a part of the extracurricular activities that imbibe leadership qualities as well. It not only makes them a better citizen and human being but also instils the feeling of belonging and responsibility amongst them. The National Cadet Corps program also serves as a breath of fresh air, helping them take a break from the monotonous schedule and be a part of the Nation’s development.

We also host annual cultural events. Students are requested to get in touch with the concerned authorities and register themselves under the chosen club to participate in competitions and other college extra activities.