The need for industrial orientation is on the rise and we provide the same to our students through practical application. With the latest equipment and tools, Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College Academy of Professional Courses has earned the repute of its own in the fields of professional education. Well-equipped laboratories, powered by top-notch facilities serve as an added blessing to the aspirants who seek admission with goals, searching for means to achieve them. We keep upgrading our apparatus and instrument constantly to be in tandem with the dynamics of the industry and technology. We boast a plethora of laboratories catering to specific departments to provide students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the subjects along with offering hands-on training to enhance the working skill.

Our cutting-edge and futuristic laboratories include 

Computer Laboratory

Our computer laboratories address the growing requirement for research of the BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) students. This laboratory intends to offer the necessary computing and simulation facilities that meet the needs of the candidates of the computer administration profession.

Our industry-leading computer laboratories offer  
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity
  • Powerful servers 
  • 100% UPS backup
  • Adequate storage space on the server
Our computer lab is also equipped with  
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall protection
  • A strong Wi-Fi facility 

We encourage our students to extend their computer skills and learning of the BCA course with the use of the internet to expedite research. We house over 400 computer resources for the entire college supervised by adept instructors. 

Language Laboratory

We acknowledge the need for eloquence in English for communication to address job openings and secure lucrative employment opportunities. Acknowledging the fact; BCREC-APC offers special attention in developing English communicative skills through a well-equipped language laboratory administered by qualified instructors. We have all the necessary equipment and conduct specific assignments and interactive classes to enhance the fluency and address doubts.

With the help of the language lab, we aim to  
  • Bolster confidence 
  • Bring in fluency in English 
  • Enhance communication skills 
  • Improve soft skill 
  • Address industry requirement 
  • Secure lucrative job opportunities 

Our language laboratories have been well-designed in robust collaboration with the IIT Kharagpur from the year 2007. This collaboration has scripted the success story of the budding professionals being nurtured at this institution.

Bachelor of Optometry Laboratories

Being an ophthalmologist required practice and knowledge. Hence, we offer an Optometry laboratory that houses all the required equipment such as the Auto Lensometer to detect the power of spectacles

  • Auto Lensometer to detect the power of spectacles
  • Auto Refractor or Auto Keratometer to detect the refractive status of the eye and to measure the curvature of the cornea
  • Slit Lamp to examine the tissues of the eye and its adnexa
With the help of such equipment, we intend to  
  • Provide in-depth knowledge
  • Facilitate practice 
  • Understand eye health 
  • Offer hands-on working experience 
  • Address doubts 

We also house a Low Vision Lab under the Optometry Lab to cater to every aspect of the ophthalmology industry, Bachelor of Optometry course and address every requirement of the student.

B. Sc. (Medical Lab Technology) Laboratories

Under the umbrella of the B. SC. (Medical Lab Technology) Laboratory, we house the 

  • Anatomy Lab
  • Physiology Lab
  • Pathology Lab
  • Haematology Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Clinical Pathology Lab

With these laboratories, we strive to strengthen the knowledge of our students in this area of B. SC. (Medical Lab Technology) course. With adept mentors, we ensure clarity in concept and knowledge. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are designed to enhance the skill and provide conceptual learning in the fields of medical science widening careers prospects and securing future endeavours.

These laboratories shape the backbone of our tutoring and boost the efficiency of our students, preparing them for the industry. We aim to stand out and lead the industry of professional courses with a symbiotic teacher-student relationship, state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced facilities.