The academy houses a modernised auditorium equipped with all the vital facilities. The auditorium can be accessed by the students and the faculty to host programs and events. 

These events and programs -

  • Celebrates unity
  • Brings students together
  • Creates blissful moments 

Our auditorium facility welcomes annual events and meetings with eminent personalities that visit the college to discuss matters of interest and contribute to the training and development of the students. 

Similar to the seminar halls, our auditorium facility also allows departmental meet, where the students of different departments can come together to discuss on a pre-determined topic and share knowledge. This also helps them to grow and learn together. 

This corner of the college is completely air-conditioned that makes conferences comfortable and offers a decent auditorium capacity. Our auditorium has been a witness to several emotions and instants that are reminisced forever. It has witnessed successful events, the visit of eminent personalities and the ecstatic and efficacious moments of the students.