Pedagogy & Learning Support

Project Based Learning -

In project-based learning, the student comes up with the problem or question to research. It can result in the student investing more time and resources into creative production at the expense of the academic content. When assigning projects to groups that include novice students, equitable contributions to the assignment are emphasized upon.

Case Based Learning -

In case-based learning, widely practiced and collections of validated cases are often bundled with handouts, readings, assessments, and tips from the teachers. Cases range from scenarios that can be addressed in a single setting, to sequential cases that require multiple settings and multiple learning activities to arrive at multiple valid outcomes.

Discussion Based Learning -

One of the primary purposes of discussion-based learning is to facilitate students' meaningful concepts into the conversations. Students get to apply their learning and develop their critical-thinking skills in real time interactions with other viewpoints.

Flipped Classrooms -

It is the teaching structure that has students watching pre-recorded lessons/ online lectures at home and completing in-class assignments, via various online platforms. Teachers who implement the flipped classroom model mostly go for online lectures, though many a times film their own instructional videos, and also necessary videos from online sources.The Flipped Classroom way of pedagogy has been a real game changer during the Corona times helping our students to keep updated with their syllabus and examination system.

Mentorship Activities -

The mentor's job then is to establish familiarity and dependability for the students to survive and thrive in this context. Mentors try finding out the aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses of the mentees and try to gauge how their expertise can be best applied, which in turn will help protégés gain the most out of the relationship.


As a mark of recognition of extraordinary merit, we offer merit awards to deserving students.

Research & Development

Our institution encourages R&D in various fields including management studies. This apart, it encourages consultancy projects with the industry through its Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC).

Finishing School Activities

Our finishing school activities are intended towards giving finishing touches to our students through extensive coaching on English Language skills, Communication Skills and Personality Development.

Learning Resource Centre

Apart from the Central Library which caters to the learning needs of the entire college, the LRC provides dedicated learning solutions to the FMS. It is well equipped and computerised with more than 2000 books and a host of journals and periodicals on a diverse range of subjects.