BBA ( Supply Chain Management )

In any production facility, the need for a supply chain manager is significant. The Supply Chain Manager is the key to ensuring that the raw materials for the production process seamlessly reach the production units. It is a responsible position with opportunities for growth and development. Our BBA (Supply chain management) course equips candidates with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to jump into the field with zeal and be efficient managers. 
The stream is known to impart knowledge on business administration and management with respect to the shipping industry along with teaching the basics of - 

  • Administration techniques
  • Custom laws
  • Linear trade
  • Shipping and more. 

Our Vision

To understand the requirements of the industry and provide a skilled workforce in the fields of management and technology. 

We also offer other professional courses such as Bachelor of Business Administration to provide you with various career opportunities. 

Our Mission 

To develop a sense of social responsibility by gathering social relevance and instilling personality development. 

Other professional courses offered by BCRAPC include Bachelor of Computer Application that widens your career opportunities.  

BBA supply chain management offers detailed knowledge to make students eligible in –

  • Business communication
  • Business administrator
  • Shipping and logistic
  • Operation management
  • Finance
  • Marketing and more

Post completing BBA supply chain management, candidates can opt for higher studies or can choose to be employed. BCRAPC offers other courses as well such as BBA in Hospital Management to secure varied career opportunities. 

Candidates can be hired in areas such as 

  • Export sales coordinator
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Shipping coordinator
  • Export executive
  • Operations manager
  • Warehouse supervisors

Students of the BBA supply chain management can ensure a career in the industries 

  • Automotive 
  • FMCG
  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • IT 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Construction 
  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing 
  • HealthCare 
  • Consumer Goods 
  • 3PL
  • Consulting 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Chemical 
  • Service 
  • Electronics 

The BBA supply chain management course aims to develop planning, operational and designing skills, along with critical and analytical understanding. 

With BCRAPC, you can also step into the world of medical science if you have the required interest and knack. We offer courses like Bachelor of Optometry that introduces you to the world of ophthalmology and trains you as per the requirements of the industry.

We also provide you with exposure to the world of lab technology with courses like B. Sc. (Medical Lab Technology) that helps you a secured job in the industry of lab science. 
We aim to highlight the necessities of the activities in supply chain management along with enlightening the areas of inbound and outbound logistics as well as offshore and inshore logistics.

With seminars, lectures and group activities we 

  • Demonstrate the application of conceptual understanding to real-work situations 
  • Demonstrate the application of the key concepts in logistics 
  • Help students understand and apply the knowledge gained on logistics management worldwide while catering advanced logistics problems 
  • Make students capable enough to communicate the marketing language effectively 


Candidates seeking admission in BBA supply chain management

  • Passed / Appeared / due-to-appear in 2023 at the Higher Secondary Examination in General or Vocational Stream under the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or it's equivalent / Undergraduate program as prescribed from a recognized Board / University.
  • Successful candidates once admitted in affiliated colleges or in the University, will have to undergo special pre-requisite audit bridge program, as decided by the university, if required.

The BBA in Supply Chain Management Course Structure


1st Year - 1st Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
1st 1st BBA (N) – 101 English 100 4
    BBA (N) – 102 Basics of Mathematics 100 4
    BBA (N) – 103 Fundamentals of Statistics 100 4
    BBA (N) – 104 Economics(Micro) 100 4
    BBA (N) – 105 Computer Applications 100 4
      Total 500 20

1st Year - 2nd Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
  2nd BBA (N) – 201 Business Communication 100 4
    BBA (N) – 202 Advanced Mathematics and Statistics 100 4
    BBA (N) – 203 Organizational Behavior 100 4
    BBA (N) – 204 Economics (Macro) 100 4
    BBA (N) – 205 Indian Social Structure and Values & Ethics 100 4
      Total 500 4

2nd Year - 3rd Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
2nd 3rd BBA (N) – 301 Principles of Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 302 Managerial Economics 100 4
    BBA (N) – 303 Business Laws 100 4
    BBA (N) – 304 Financial Accounting 100 4
    BBA (N) – 305 Environmental Sciences 100 4
      Total 500 20

2nd Year - 4th Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
  4th BBA (N) – 401 Production & Materials Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 402 Management Information Systems 100 4
    BBA (N) – 403 Cost Accounting 100 4
    BBA (N) – 404 Marketing Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 405 Human Resource Management 100 4
      Total 500 20

3rd Year - 5th Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
3rd 5th BBA (N) – 501 Supply Chain Practice & Procedure 100 4
    BBA (N) – 502 Facilities Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 503 Freight Transport System 100 4
    BBA (N) – 504 Inventory & Quality Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 505 Physical Distribution Logistics 100 4
      Total 500 4

3rd Year - 6th Sem

Year Semester Paper Code Paper Marks Credits
  6th BBA (N) – 601 Management of Service Operation 100 4
    BBA (N) – 602 Project Management & Supply Chain Process 100 4
    BBA (N) – 603 Internet Technology & Supply Chain Management 100 4
    BBA (N) – 604 International Operations & Global Supply Chain 100 4
    BBA (N) – 605 Project and Viva 100 4
      Total 500 20

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