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Dr. B. C. Roy Academy of Professional Courses (BCRAPC) , is a blend of cultures, communities and traditions and brings together students with varied backgrounds and skillsets. We bring to your classroom experienced professors to offer you a unique learning experience.

We offer 6 professional courses such as -

We train our students as per the industry standards and allow them to stand out as efficient professionals in their careers. We strive to be supportive and help pupils learn how to solve problems while they are still students. We have professors who also serve as counsellors, helping students tackle their problems and overcome the same.

We aim to converge diverse ideas into a unified decision and work towards the benefit of all our students. Believe in us and be a part of the best emerging engineering college in Eastern India!

Believe in us and be a part of the best emerging engineering college in Eastern India!


Our college is open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The institute remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on declared government holidays.


An attendance benchmark of at least 75% in all classes is mandatory for students to acquire. The benchmark has been decided as per the University guidelines.


We have selected a specific dress code for students to instil a sense of discipline, belonging, equality and professional attitude amongst them.

For Boys - Deep Navy Blue Trousers with Light Blue shirts with emblem emblazoned green / yellow/black/maroon/red/dark blue coloured ties and black formal shoes with white socks. In winter, navy Blue Blazer (form November to February) is compulsory.

For Girls - Deep Navy blue Salwar with light blue kameez or deep navy blue trousers with light blue shirts with emblem emblazoned green coloured ties and black formal shoes with white socks. In winter, Navy blue Blazer is compulsory. To maintain uniformity of colour and quality, the uniform has to be ordered only from the authorised shop at Durgapur duly approved by the college. Name of the shop will be given during admission.

In order to maintain uniformity in the colour and quality of the uniform, students are required to order their dress from an authorised shop in Durgapur that has been approved by the college. Details of the shop will be given to students and guardians on the day of admission with BCREC-APC.

At the time of reporting to the hostel accommodation, students are to carry the following along with themselves –

  1. 2 photocopies of the money receipt
  2. Your bedding with a mosquito net
  3. Locks of two sizes - big and small
  4. A big trunk with a lock
  5. A steel glass with a cover to store drinking water, emergency light, mug, bucket and candles
  6. Other required personal items

A good teaching method helps the students to question their preconceptions, and motivates them to learn, by putting them in a situation in which they come to see themselves as the authors of answers, as the agents of responsibility for change. The college puts its educators through a continuous ongoing process of knowledge and skill up gradation through faculty development programmes so that the students may be kept upgraded with the demands of the world and prepares them to be the winds of change.

We aim to offer the best possible training in this industry and help our students advance their career!

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We instil a sense of discipline, professionalism and institutional pride among our students. We do not believe in just standing by theoretical training and thus we bring to you technologically driven classrooms for better holistic learning.

The admissions are on so come enrol yourself and be a part of excellence!

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