Our Culture

Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Academy of Professional Courses has a cosmopolitan flavour which is a blend of cultures of different communities leading to the mixing of diverse ideas, attitudes, traditions, customs, tastes and thought processes. It is the vast experience that this diverse group of participants bring to the classroom under the leadership of an experienced professor that makes our programmes unique. As a participant of a course like BBA or BCA or BBA (Hospital Management), a student will thus join a group designed to maximise diversity along many dimensions such as age, experience, previous stream of education, state, professional background and so on. Convergence of diverse ideas into a unified decision is the major objective of such group activities.

College Timings

Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5.30 PM (except Govt. Holidays/holidays)


Compulsory attendance of at least 75% attendance in all classes (as per University mandate)

Dress Code

‘Wearing the dress’ is now accepted globally for its proven multiple benefits. Wearing dress minutely following the “Dress Code” is made compulsory for all students. This helps to bring a sense of discipline, belonging and professional attitude.

For Men: Deep Navy Blue Trousers with Light Blue shirts with emblem emblazoned green / yellow / black coloured ties, black emblem emblazoned green coloured ties and black formal shoes with white socks. In winter, navy Blue Blazer (form November to February) is compulsory for both.

Earmarked Green coloured Tie and Metal Emblem for each BBA student & Metal Emblem and Fawn (Biscuit) colour Tie for each BCA student will be supplied by the college at a nominal cost during admission.

For Girls: Deep Navy blue Salwar with light blue kameez or deep navy blue trousers with light blue shirts with emblem emblazoned green coloured ties and black formal shoes with white shocks. In winter, Navy blue Blazer is compulsory.

To maintain uniformity of colour and quality, the uniform has to be ordered only from the authorised shop in Durgapur, duly approved by the college. Name of the shop will be given during admission.

Reporting for Hostel

On the date of reporting for hostel accommodation, each student has to bring the following items without fail:

  • Money receipt 2 nos. photocopies
  • Bedding with mosquito net
  • One big lock and one small lock
  • Steel glass with cover for drinking water, bucket, mug, emergency light and candles
  • Big trunk with lock
  • Other necessary personal belongings


Your effective learning depends on how you learn it. Teaching in this institute is interactive. Students are free to share their views and experiences with the teachers for developing innovative ideas and coming up with pragmatic solutions to the problems. The teachers here are well experienced and are trained in some of the best institutions and organisations in the country. We believe that the teaching learning process should impel the students to go through journals, magazines and newspapers on daily basis so as to keep track with the latest happenings in the industry. This not only helps in building practical insight but also brings cohesion between classroom teaching and practical learning. The entire pedagogy is like a ‘Flower of Service’, where every petal signifies a particular approach and with all the petals in place it helps the flower for a full-bloom, thus offering a holistic approach.